Events Schedule 2012

Meeting Time:  Doors open at 6:30 pm - meeting starts promptly at 7:00 pm.


2012 – Schedule

Code on Schedule/Calendar of Events:  GM – General Meeting, FT – Field Trip, FT (IM) – Impromtu Field Trip and C/V – Community/Volunteer Photography Event.


Impromptu Field Trips: (IM on the schedule) If there are one or two individuals that are planning on attending any of the events, and you are willing to act as a “leader” for a particular destination – please let me know.  There is not a whole lot to the “Leader” Role – primarily just being informed about an event suggesting some attendance / departure times, and possibly grabbing a group shot of those club members in attendance.  As you can imagine It is much more fun to “shoot with a friend” –  If we can coordinate among club members for these events, we may be able to pull together those members with similar interests and have some folks attend an event that they may not otherwise have been able to share. Contact


Please make note:

Special Presentations - A $5 fee will be charged for non-members on nights when there are special presentations or when invited guests are addressing the Club. This will exclude ‘normal’ guests who turn up specifically to check out the Club for the possibility of becoming a new member.

Club Showcase Incentive - In order to encourage members to present their photos at a Club Showcase * there will be a draw on June 20th, for 1 member to WIN a FREE MEMBERSHIP for 2012-2013.  Each member who presents a Club Showcase throughout this year will have their name put in for the draw; only one (1) entry per member.

*For a Club Showcase you have up to 10 minutes to present any of your images. This can be 1 image with a talk about it, or many images without a word; although we do prefer to hear what you have to say about the image.

Where, what, why, or how, etc. remember you can also provide the presentation as a slide show, with titles, music, etc.  For more information see the Members’ Forum.


**Schedule is subject to change –   Disclaimer



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